Are Screen Covers Worth the Money?

LCD TVs are relatively new, meaning the devices and apparatuses that protect them are new as well. With little experience in this field, how are you supposed to know the best way to protect your expensive television? The problem with LCD televisions is how delicate they are. Older TVs were heavy and cumbersome, but they were also much sturdier and more difficult to break. LCD screens are light-weight, and are so delicate that a single crack will ruin your picture. TV manufacturers know this, and don’t insure the plasma screen or accidental contact damage. If they did, they would be giving away hundreds of thousands of televisions a year. Common damage occurs when small children accidentally throw toys at the TV, gaming controllers or remote controls are thrown in frustration, or the TV mount is faulty and the screen falls. Since most television manufacturers will not place accidental screen contact under warranty, it is important to protect your TV against such damage yourself. We believe that an LCD screen protector is one of the best routes to go as far as entertainment accessories, for several reasons, but let’s start with what they are made of. Screen protectors are made using optical grade acrylic, which is scratch resistant, anti-reflective, and anti-glare. NASA developed these newer acrylic materials for use in the automobile industry, ensuring their strength and reliability. Many people who are considering a cover for their flat screen TV for the first time are unsure, because they are afraid the thick plastic screen will affect their viewing experience, but, given the qualities of optical grade acrylic, the protector is truly invisible when you are watching TV. Furthermore, the design of these entertainment accessories is meant to minimize visibility and decrease the chance that they may fall off of your television. Flat screen covers are slightly L-shaped, with a small lip that fastens over your television with straps. Most protectors come with Velcro straps, but if you have active pets, children living at home, or you entertain often, you may want to consider getting stronger straps to ensure against injury or damage even further. There are rubber or felt tabs inside the L shape that rest against your screen to act as shock absorbers, should something come into contact with your protector. Many companies also make special outside TV covers that are weatherproof, to protect your television in your garage or on your patio. These entertainment accessories are perfect if you want to mount a TV by your hot tub or around a fire pit or sitting area outside. Many flat screen tv protectors come as enclosures, and fully encase your LCD television to seal out any moisture, weather, bugs, and dust that could damage your screen. Since you can’t fix an LCD screen once it is broken, even if the damage is only a small crack or scratch, we definitely recommend investing in a screen protector for your TV. The amount you spend in an acrylic TV screen protector will be much less than the $1,500 or so that you will have to spend to replace your LCD flat screen.
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