Custom Behavior TV Enclosures

Behavior Custom Enclosures: Secure Solutions for Correctional Facilities 

Safeguarding electronics is a critical challenge in high-security correctional facilities, jails, and prisons. TV Armor's Behavior Custom Detention Enclosures are engineered to meet this challenge head-on, combining uncompromised security with durability. 

Detention TV Enclosure 

Robust and Reliable 

Crafted specifically for the rigorous conditions of detention centers, our Detention TV Enclosures are built with solid aluminum sides and a fixed interior depth of 6 inches. These enclosures are custom-designed to fit the exact width and height of your make and model of your TV and mount, ensuring a secure and precise fit that is tailored to the needs of high-security environments. 


Built to Protect, Designed to Last 

Our Detention Enclosures are not just about protection. They are about providing a reliable solution that maintains the necessary safety standards of correctional institutions. The design is optimized to prevent tampering, withstand daily wear, and provide a clear view for all viewers. 


Order Your Custom Solution Today 

To address the specific needs of your facility, we handle all custom enclosure orders personally over the phone. This allows us to ensure that each enclosure is designed to your specifications and upholds the stringent standards required for correctional use. 

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