Custom Outdoor TV Enclosures

Weather-Resistant Protection for Every Environment

When it comes to outdoor spaces, whether residential patios or industrial areas, your electronics face the unpredictability of nature. TV Armor's Outdoor Custom Enclosures are designed to withstand these challenges and provide reliable protection against the elements.


Built to Brave the Elements

Our Outdoor Enclosures are meticulously crafted with weather-resistant features to handle moisture, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. While not completely weatherproof, they are constructed to ensure that your outdoor TVs and digital displays can operate in various environmental conditions without compromise.


Robust and Reliable

Each enclosure features a durable, extruded aluminum frame and ABS sides, creating a sturdy barrier that protects against rain, dust, and physical impacts. The design also includes specific adaptations to enhance the weather resistance of your setup, keeping your electronics safe and operational year-round.


Tailor-Made for Your Outdoor Needs

We know that every outdoor space is different. That's why we offer custom solutions to fit the exact specifications of your TVs and mounting systems. This personalized approach ensures optimal protection and integration with your outdoor decor.


Ready to upgrade your outdoor entertainment protection with TV Armor? 

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