TV Protector Picture Quality

Our TV Armor TV Screen Protectors maintain the sharp, clear vivid television picture quality of your high definition TV. After all, why bother getting a high definition television if you have to sacrifice its TV picture quality to protect it? Flat screen TV protectors do reduce a TV’s brightness by 5%. Simply increase the brightness of your TV using your TV controls. All protective TV covers on the market today are affected by this.

We use high quality optical-grade acrylic that is 1/4″ thick for all TV Armor TV Screen Protectors. The standard flat screen TV protectors don’t warp or diminish the resolution of the monitor you are protecting, however we do recommend calling customer service (800 890 0073) if you are interested in purchasing an anti-glare TV screen protector, as these create a blurred effect when viewed from the side. The standard protective cover will create a reflection that is only noticeable while the TV/monitor is powered off or in very dark colors. Controlling the offending light is the best TV glare solution.