Custom TV Enclosures

Engineered for Extreme Precision and Protection  

TV Armor's Custom Enclosures are more than covers. They are a durable defense system for your screens, tailor-made to meet exacting standards. Built with a robust extruded aluminum frame and resilient ABS sides, these enclosures are designed for the unique demands of every environment—from high-risk behavioral hospitals to energetic athletic facilities and the unpredictable outdoors. 


Behavior Enclosures 

Safety and Stability Combined 

Designed specifically for behavioral hospitals and psychiatric facilities, our Behavior Enclosures come with essential safety features like a sloped top to prevent ligature and self-harm incidents, security caps and screws, and a tough polycarbonate front panel. Each detail is meticulously crafted to ensure patient safety without compromising on functionality or visibility. 


Gym Enclosures

Durable and Dependable 

For athletic facilities and schools, the Gym Enclosure steps up the game with an upgraded polycarbonate front panel, ensuring that your screens stay protected, whether a stray ball or an enthusiastic gym class. 


Outdoor Enclosures

Brave the Elements 

Custom-built for residential and commercial outdoor spaces, our Outdoor Enclosures are weather-resistant, crafted to withstand the elements while maintaining optimal performance. Although not weatherproof, they are engineered to easily handle high humidity and temperature variations. For the best experience, pairing with an outdoor-rated TV is recommended. 


Get Tailored Protection Today

Due to their custom nature, we guide you through the ordering process over the phone to ensure your enclosure meets all your requirements. For a consultation and to place an order, please contact us today! 


Connect and Protect with Confidence 

Each Custom Enclosure is a testament to TV Armor's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Don't leave your screens to chance; shield them with precision. 


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