Custom Detention TV Enclosures

Ultra-Secure Protection for Correctional Facilities

Protecting sensitive electronics is paramount in the stringent security environment of correctional facilities, jails, and prisons. TV Armor's Detention TV Enclosures are designed for these high-security settings, ensuring that televisions and monitors are safeguarded against potential tampering or damage.


Engineered for Maximum Security

Our Detention Enclosures are constructed with reinforced materials that differ significantly from standard custom enclosures, providing an extra layer of security. The durable design includes heavy-duty aluminum sides and a tamper-proof locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the enclosure cannot be easily compromised.


Customized to Fit Your Facility's Needs

We know that your facility has unique security requirements. That's why every Detention TV Enclosure is custom manufactured to the specific dimensions and model of your TV and mount setup. This ensures a perfect fit and no gaps, with a fixed interior depth of 6 inches accommodating most standard prison TV models.



Durable and Dependable

Designed to endure the harsh conditions of detention environments, these enclosures are built to last. They provide physical protection and peace of mind that your facility's electronics are safe and secure.


Ready for the ultimate in TV protection for your facility?

For ultra-durable protection that meets the exacting standards of correctional facilities, trust TV Armor's Detention TV Enclosures. Contact us to start customizing your solution today.