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How do I correctly measure my TV for an enclosure or protector?

  • Measure Diagonally: From one corner to the opposite corner for screen size.
  • Measure Length: Across the horizontal plane, from edge to edge.
  • Measure Height: Vertically, from top to bottom, excluding the stand unless it's in use.
  • Measure Depth: Including any protruding cables or connections, and if wall-mounted, the depth of the mount, too.

Tip: Double-check your measurements for accuracy, or for a hassle-free process, provide us with your TV make and model for a recommendation. If buying an enclosure providing the make and model number of the mount to be used, too.

What about ventilation to prevent heat buildup?

Our design allows for adequate airflow. We provide silicone bumpers to offset the screen protectors from the TV.

What warranties and guarantees do you offer?

We offer a 30-day Unconditional money-back guarantee for stock-sized products and a 1-year Warranty against breakage on all products, covering defects and premature failure, effective date of shipment.Screen protectors ship with a protective film on the front and back and if removed they are not returnable. Please check the fit before removing the film. Custom products are non-returnable. A restocking fee applies for returned stock items.

Where are TV Armor products made? 

We are proudly built in the USA with 80%American-made materials in our Jackson, NJ, facility.

How fast will my TV protector ship? 

Typically, screen protector orders ship the same day if placed before noon on weekdays. Weekend or holiday orders ship the next working day. You will be notified if there is a backorder.

How fast will my TV enclosure ship?

Econo-encloures typically ship same day or with 2 business days depending on order size.  

Detention and custom enclosures are placed into a delivery queue based on first end first out schedule; we can provide an estimated ship date at the time of order. 

How long does delivery take? 

We ship via UPS, and delivery time depends on your location relative to our NJ facility. Check the UPS shipping time map for estimates. Custom orders may require additional time due to production scheduling. Large screen protectors and enclosures typically ship freight.

Can TV Armor protectors be cleaned easily?

Yes, our protectors can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and mild soap and water, ensuring clear visibility and hygiene. Cleaners with ammonia or alcohol can damage plastic and should not be used and will void the warranty.

If you're looking for the best cleaning solution on the market, we recommend the Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner + Microfiber cloth

Are TV Armor protectors easy to install?

Absolutely, they come with an easy-to-follow guide for hassle-free installation, no technical expertise required.

Do TV Armor protectors affect screen quality or touchscreen function?

No, our protectors are designed to be ultra-clear, ensuring that screen quality remains unaffected and touch functions will not work since you cannot reach the screen.

Can TV Armor protectors withstand direct impacts? 

Yes, they're built to be tough and can absorb impacts, significantly reducing the risk of screen damage.