Building a Recessed Flat Screen TV Enclosure and Video Cabinet

As flat screen televisions have become more affordable, they are the norm in many households across the country. Many homes have multiple TVs in their homes in various locations, including the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. Installing flat screen TVs do not require much space. However, traditional television cabinets and video entertainment centers can quickly take up a large part of the room, as well as become cluttered with wiring, cables, and electrical cords. If you are tired of giving up space in your home, there are other alternative installation methods, like building your own recessed flat screen TV enclosure with a TV screen protector and recessed video cabinet. The first step to building a recessed DIY flat-screen TV enclosure and video cabinet is to decide which wall in the room you want to use, and the location where you want to build it. Deciding the best elevation for the television requires sitting down and looking up at the wall. You do not want to feel uncomfortable while you watch TV, so select an elevation that is the most comfortable when making your flat screen TV cabinet plan. Before you start cutting out a large section of the wall for your wall mounted TV enclosure, you need to inspect what is under the drywall. You need to know where electrical wiring, cable, plumbing and support beams run in your home. If you are not entirely sure, you want to contact a qualified contractor for assistance with your DIY TV wall unit. Once you decide on the elevation and confirm the location for your DIY TV cabinet is safe to use, the next step is to measure the length, width, and height of your TV, converter box, and Blu-ray player. Check out our TV Armor tips on measuring TV screen size. Mark out the opening on the wall using your measurements, a tape measure, level, and pencil. Remember to make the opening slightly larger, to allow air flow around the TV and other devices. Next, cut a small hole through the drywall, in the location where you want to build the recessed TV cabinet and enclosure, with a reciprocal saw. You can always cut off more dry wall and make the opening of the DIY TV wall unit bigger, if needed. Next, build the recessed DIY flat-screen TV enclosure and video cabinet by installing the proper size boards horizontally in between vertical supports. If the depth of the interior walls is not sufficient to accommodate your converter box and other components, you can build a small shelf extension out of the wall underneath the recessed TV enclosure. Now, have an electrician install electrical outlets and cable connections in the recessed opening. Drill any holes in the wood to make running the cables easier and to keep them hidden. Paint the interior of your new recessed TV cabinet. Install crown molding or other edging around the recessed entertainment center's border. You may also want to install edging on the top and bottom of the board in between the TV and converter box. Paint the crown molding and touch up the wall paint. Once the paint is dry, install the TV, converter box, and other components into the new recessed TV enclosure and video cabinet. Lastly, attach the TV screen protector to the flat panel TV, which you can obtain by contacting TV Armor at 1-800-890-0073.
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