Covers for Flat Screen TVs Used at Home

Selecting the right type of covers for flat screen TVs depends upon where the televisions are being used. There are different options for personal use at home and commercial use in your place of business. Your primary at home option is to install a TV screen protector over the front of the flat screen television. Flat screen TV protectors are made from optic grade acrylic, which provides a clear and sharp image and makes it difficult to tell a protector is installed while watching your favorite programs, movies, and videos. There are standard and antiglare screen covers for flat screen TVs available for use at home. Standard TV screen protectors help protect the television’s screen from accidental minor impacts, scratching, and fingerprints. Antiglare screen protectors also provide these same basic features, as well as help reduce reflections off of the television screen from sunlight coming into the room and lights used inside the home. Anti-glare TV screen protectors do reduce the viewing angle from the sides to around 90 degrees from the normal 178 degrees. In addition, the images viewed on the television screen from up close are slightly fuzzy. The reduction in the viewing angle and the fuzzy images from up close are normal, because the anti-glare screen protector features bend light differently, as well as filter out UV rays from the sun and UVB rays generated by the television. The images are clear and sharp when viewed from normal distances. Covers for Flat Screen TVs Used in Businesses The types of flat screen TV covers primarily used in businesses are TV enclosures. The front of the TV enclosure is made from the same optic grade acrylic, just like at home flat screen TV protectors. The major difference between an at home solution and a business one is that business solutions involve enclosing the entire flat screen TV. Normally, flat panel television displays are used in public areas in business, which makes them easy targets to be stolen if they are not securely mounted and installed. Gluing the base of the TV to a stand or attempting to use cable lock are not sound security installation methods. Thieves can easily cut cable locks and forcibly pry the television off of the base. A much better security investment is to purchase TV Armor television enclosures. Not only are your displays protected against theft, when properly installed, but also the displays are protected from accidental minor impacts. Ordering Covers for Flat Screen TVs Both at home and business use covers for flat screen TVs are able to be customized to the size of your televisions and displays. You should take the measurements of your televisions or display monitors. You need to record the height, width, and depth of the TV or display. When measuring the depth for wall mounted TVs and display panels, measure from the wall to the front of the television. Once you have your measurements, give us a call at 800-890-0073 to order your custom-built at home flat screen TV protector or TV enclosure for your business.
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