Does a TV Screen Protector Really Work?

Many of today’s modern high definition, flat paneled televisions have the front screen made of thin plastic or glass. The panel may be used on top of a liquid crystal or plasma displays. Because the screen is made of thin plastic or glass, it is sensitive to accidental damage from minor impacts from many common household items. The best way to protect against accidental damage is to install a TV screen protector. So how does a flat screen TV protector work? For example, if you have small children in the home, they could accidentally hit the TV screen with one of their hard toys or building blocks. While they normally do not have the strength to crack the screen, they may leave deep scratches and small indents in the display. If you have older children and teens in the home, they might get frustrated as they are playing a video game and accidentally throw their game controller or other objects at the television and hit the screen. The impact from larger objects often results in creating fracture cracks in the display panel in the area of impact. For these situations, if a TV screen protector is installed in front of the television display, it acts as a protective barrier against minor impacts from toys, game controllers, and other objects. In addition, the flat screen protector keeps fingerprints, food, and splatters from liquids from getting onto the TV display. In order for a monitor screen protector to function correctly, it has to be the right size for your television and installed correctly. Keep in mind, TV Armor screen protection does not safeguard against deliberately hitting the television screen with larger objects like baseball bats. But, most people do not intentionally hit their televisions to purposefully cause damage. How Does a TV Screen Protector Shield the Television Screen from Damage? After the TV screen protector is installed correctly, there will be a small gap in between the television display panel and the protector. This space is what shields the screen from most types of accidental damage. For instance, if a small object is accidentally thrown at the television, upon impact, the screen protector absorbs the force of the object rather than the TV screen. The force of the impact could cause the screen protector to slightly bend inwards, and the gap prevents the protector from touching the screen. If the protector was installed right on top of the screen, accidental impacts could damage and crack the television display because there would be no gap. Not only is proper installation necessary, but so is ordering the correct size TV screen protector to ensure the protection of your television display. While there are standardized screen protectors which will work with most televisions, it does not mean every TV screen cover accommodates every TV on the market. Fortunately, screen protectors are able to be custom ordered to fit any size screen -- even large 80 and 90 inch screens. For more information on how screen protectors work, or assistance with ordering a TV screen protector, contact TV Armor at 800-890-0073.
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