Does Using a LCD TV Screen Protector Make a Difference?

One common question people have is whether using a LCD TV screen protector really makes that much of a difference in regards to protecting the television screen. Attaching a display protective film onto the front of your LCD TV for protection creates an additional barrier between the world and the screen, and it acts as a first line of defense against many types of household accidents, such as:
  • Accidental Splatters from Dropping Beverages onto the Floor – If you have ever accidently dropped a can of soda on the floor in front of your TV, you know firsthand how difficult it is get the sticky residue off of the LCD screen protective film, because you cannot use harsh cleaning products. Even if you are careful, you could still leave small scratches in the display protective film.
  • Thrown Objects – Homes with small children understand their kids are going to touch the television screen as well as throw toys, blocks, and other small objects at the display from time to time. While they normally do not do this intentionally, the impact from these objects can leave scratches, indents, and small cracks in the display. The LCD TV screen protector protects the screen when teens and adults get frustrated playing video games and possibly throw the controller at the TV.
  • Fingerprints, Smudges, and Dust – Your television screen is delicate. If it is repeatedly touched, the oils in our fingers leave fingerprints that are difficult to remove, and which often result in smudges in the display. In addition, over time, the oils absorb into the screen, where they will never come out without the use of harsh cleaning products. Using harsh cleaning products on the screen is never recommended, because these also can leave smudges and marks on the screen. In addition, a TV screen protector helps keep the screen dust-free.
It is important to mention, that while a TV screen protector withstands minor impacts, it is not designed for major impacts, where someone deliberately hits the television screen -- like with a baseball bat, their fist, or other larger objects. Screen covers for LCD TV protection can be installed on LED and plasma televisions, too. When installing the protector, you want to make sure there is a small gap in between the television screen and the protector. This gap serves two purposes. First, it allows the heat created by the display to ventilate away from the television. Secondly, it protects the screen from being touched any time there is an impact to the protector, as the protector does flex slightly inward. For certain types of HDTVs, like plasma and LCD models, you may want to leave a larger gap, as these televisions tend to generate more heat than LED TVs. Increasing the gap size is not difficult, as it can be achieved by simply applying additional padding before attaching the screen protector. You can learn more about TV screen protectors and how to measure your TV, and order yours for your HDTV through our website, or by contacting us at 800-890-0073.
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