A Cover for a Flat Screen TV Eliminates Distractions

There are times when you do not want your television to be the focal point in a room in your home or an outdoor area where you have an outdoor TV installed. You may want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one in your covered outdoor patio, without your spouse wanting to turn on the TV and ruin the mood. You might want to enjoy family game night in your living room, but you notice everyone keeps looking at the TV. One way to remove these and other distractions is to use a cover for a flat screen TV and place it over the television. The cover fits over the top of the television and fully covers it, whether you have a stand mounted or wall mounted television. Keep in mind, flat screen TV covers are not 100 percent waterproof, but are water resistant, in order to keep light moisture away from the television, as well as protect it against dust. The primary purpose of flat screen covers is to enhance the décor of your indoor and outdoor areas whenever the television is not being used. A TV Shield Can Be Used with a Cover for a Flat Screen TV If you have a TV shield or television screen protector already installed on your TV, you are still able to use a cover for a flat screen TV. The screen protector will remain in place any time you put the cover over the TV. There is no need to remove the protector before using the cover. Even with the TV covered, your screen is still protected against accidental minor impacts. A TV Cover Can Be Placed over a TV Enclosure Businesses that use TV enclosures to protect their televisions can use television covers over the enclosures. For example, you might be remodeling your business but intend to leave the televisions installed in the same location. Rather than take down the enclosures and TVs, use a wall mounted TV cover as protection against paint splatters and dust while you remodel. Covers are also ideal in locations not used on a daily basis, like auditoriums, stadiums, and conference rooms. Rather than having to spend extra time dusting and cleaning TV enclosures, you simply remove the TV covers and are ready to turn on your displays. Enhance the Appearance of TV Covers Because TV covers are one solid color, you are able to change their appearance by adding your own personalized touches for a decorative TV cover. Some people like to paint their favorite sport’s team logo on the front of the cover using a polyester fabric friendly paint which will not harm the cover. Most art shops or fabric supply stores sell this type of paint. If you are not artistic, there are various decals and stickers you could use, instead. Just remember, stickers and decals can leave a sticky residue on the cover if they are removed or fall off. The cover manufacturer is not responsible for any cover modifications or accidental damage to the cover as result of such modifications. For more information about TV covers for outdoor use, TV shields, and television enclosures, or assistance with ordering, contact us at 800-890-0073.
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