How to Measure Televisions for Custom TV Enclosures

The key to having nice looking TV enclosures around your televisions at your place of business is to take accurate measurements before ordering the enclosures. When measuring TV screen size, there are several different measurements you need to take. In order to avoid making mistakes, it is recommended you follow these tips on measuring TV size to obtain accurate dimensions of your televisions:
  • Measure the TV Diagonally for Screen Size: Measure from the upper left to lower right corner, or lower left to upper right corner, and only measure the actual screen. This measurement will tell you the screen size, such as 42 inches.
  • Measure the Length of the TV: When measuring TV size, obtain the length by measuring TV screen size horizontally from left to right or right to left.
  • Measure the Height of the Television: Measure from the bottom of the outside of the TV bezel to the outside of the top bezel because most TVs are wall mounted with the stand removed. Only include the stand in those rare situations where it will be left attached.
  • Measure the Depth of the TV: The depth is the same as the width. Measure the side of the television from the front to the back. If there are connections on the back that stick out further than the TV frame, use the highest point for this measurement.
  • Re-Measure the Depth to Include Cables and Cords: Take a second depth measurement to include allowances for attached cables and cords on the inputs and outputs on the back of the TV. Measure the highest extending cable or cord to the point where it bends naturally. You should never apply extra force to bend a cable or cord.
  • Measuring the Depth for Wall Mounted Televisions: If your televisions are going to be wallther mounted in your business, remember to include the depth of the mount as part of your measurements.
Lastly, when learning how to measure a TV screen, it never hurts to have someone help you take the TV screen dimensions and verify their accuracy. If someone is not able to help you, measure once, right down the measurement, and then measure a second time to verify you first measurement was accurate. In situations where your televisions are already mounted to the walls, you have different options with custom built TV enclosures, where they can be installed around the TVs without having to remove them from the walls. The actual types of custom enclosures you require depend upon whether you want additional security features or simply a way to protect the televisions from accidental damage. There are also protective TV enclosure options for businesses which have to follow ADA requirements. Once you have your measurements for all of your televisions, the next step to obtaining your custom designed television enclosures is to contact us at 800-890-0073 for a free measurement analysis and quote. We will review the measurements for accuracy, as well as assist you with special needs or requirements, to ensure your TV enclosures are built correctly. As an alternative to measuring TV screen size of every single television in your business, we can recommend the correct enclosure size for every TV you want to protect, if you provide us with the make and model number of each one.
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