Install a LED or LCD Screen Protector to Prevent Screen Damage

Purchasing a new high definition for your home is a major investment for most people. It is important to protect your investment in your television and ensure the TV retains its value. Modern high definitional flat panel televisions are fragile and can easily get damaged. One of the more common problems consumers experience is varying degrees of screen damage. It is easy to prevent screen damage by installing a LED or LCD screen protector and also to take advantage of the many benefits screen protectors provide. The Benefits of LED and LCD Screen Protectors
  • Maintain the Appearance of Your High Definition Television – LED and LCD screen protectors help maintain the like-new appearance of your HD TV, because the screen is protected.
  • Reduce Screen Glare – Screen protectors made from optical grade acrylic with antiglare features help reduce reflections from the television and the background, from sunlight or room lighting. For instance, if your overhead room light normally makes viewing the screen difficult because it reflects off the screen, installing an antiglare screen protector resolves this common issue.
  • Reduce Eye Strain and Block UV Rays – Optical grade acrylic screen protectors with antireflective features block out harmful UV rays reflected off the television screen from sunlight, as well as filter out UVB rays generated by the TV. The result is a clearer and sharper image which is easier to see and view. In addition, you do not have to squint or strain your eyes while watching your favorite programs, so eye strain is reduced.
  • Keep Fingers and Fingerprints Off of the Screen – In homes with small children, it is common for them to touch the television screen on a regular basis. Sometimes they might touch the screen with their hands, or decide they want to bang a toy against the screen. Both LED and LCD screen protectors not only prevent little fingers from directly touching the screen, but also their fingerprints.
  • Protect the Screen from Dirt, Dust, and Oil – Optical acrylic grade screen protectors keep dirt, dust, and oil deposits on fingers from accumulating directly on the television screen. Over time, the oil deposits can become rather difficult to remove, and they typically require the use of a harsh cleaning product that damages the screen and affects its surface. You also do not have to worry about what cleaning products to use on the display screen to remove dust and dirt, because screen protectors are easy to clean using an approved plastic and glass cleaning product, and still maintain their antiglare and antireflective properties.
Both LED and LCD screen protectors are available in a variety of standard sizes designed to fit most modern flat panel televisions on the market today. Prior to ordering a screen protector, verify that the measurements of your TV screen match those of standard sized protectors. If the size you require is not available as a standard size, you can always obtain a customized screen protector manufactured to your exact specification. For more information, or to order your screen protector today call us at 800-890-0073.
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