Installing a TV Outdoors? Protect It with Outdoor TV Covers

Any time you are considering installing a TV outdoors, there are a few things you should know ahead of time before purchasing your new television. There are specific features you need to look for in the television to ensure it is designed for outdoor usage. Indoor TVs are not designed to be used outdoors on a regular basis. Besides the TV, it is worthwhile to look at outdoor TV covers, as these help protect the television from light rain and other elements whenever it is not in use. Can Outdoor TV Covers Protect Indoor TVs Used Outdoors? While it is possible to take your indoor TV outside and watch movies by your pool or on your patio during the evening, you should not leave the television outside for any extended period of time. The major issues with using an indoor TV outside are protecting it against heat, moisture, and humidity. Indoor televisions are not weatherproof. Moisture and humidity can get inside the TV and cause operational issues. Using a cover on an indoor TV outdoors is only designed to protect it against light rain, light moisture, and dust, but is not meant to be left on the TV for an extended period of time, because insects, spiders, and other bugs can get under the cover and into the television, since indoor TVs are not fully sealed. TV covers for outside will not protect indoor televisions left outdoors from heavy and direct rain, freezing temperatures, and extremely high temperatures. Can I Convert an Indoor TV for Long Term Outdoor Usage? All high definition televisions generate some level of heat, regardless of whether they are LCD, LED, or plasma. One issue when using an indoor TV outdoors concerns the changes in temperatures. Both extreme highs and lows do affect how the TV operates. With LCD and plasma televisions, the liquid used in these displays is affected by cold temperatures. Further, as temperatures increase from cooler to warmer, moisture can occur inside unsealed televisions. Converting an indoor TV for long term outdoor use can be rather expensive, compared to investing in a specially designed outdoor HDTV. You have to seal and protect the TV from the elements as well as provide proper cooling to prevent the TV from overheating. One option for outdoor TV protection is to look at a sealed TV enclosure and use a LED television since it gives off the least amount of heat, but again, protective TV enclosures can be expensive for most homeowners. A more affordable option is to consider outdoor televisions and use outdoor TV covers. Outdoor televisions are specially designed and sealed against the elements, bugs, and insects. The patio TV cover adds another layer of protection whenever the outdoor television is not being used, so you do not have to worry about rain and dust getting directly onto the television. For more information about outdoor patio TV covers and protective TV enclosures, explore our website today or contact us directly for further assistance at 800-890-0073. DISCLAIMER: All information and suggestions on TV outside covers are offered with the expectation consumers will make their own determination on how to best protect a television used outdoors. In no case will TV Armor be responsible for damage to a TV used outdoors.
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