It happened to me, don't let it happen to you.

It happened to me, don't let it happen to you.

I never realized how vulnerable Plasma, LED and LCD televisions were until I found out the hard way. See that little boy to the right? That's my son Sean. Pretty cute, huh? Hard to get mad at. I have to admit, I was pretty mad when he threw his toy fire truck at our new $1800 television and cracked the screen. The TV didn't work at all. It was worthless. Turns out LCD, LED and Plasma TVs crack very easily. In fact, thousands are broken each year!

Warranties won't protect your TV screen.

Think your warranty has you covered? Read the fine print. They won't cover your cracked LED TV screen. Mine didn't help a bit, and my television was only two weeks old.

Our TV screen protector could save you thousands.

A TV without a TV screen protectorAfter I shelled out more cash for a new TV (ouch!), I decided a solution was needed. I was determined not to let this happen again - not to me or to anyone else. After extensive research and testing, I developed a TV screen protector that would prevent damage to the fragile screens of high-definition Plasma, LED and LCD televisions, while retaining your TV's excellent picture. After all, that great picture is the reason you bought your TV in the first place.

Just what is a TV screen protector?

It's a crystal-clear, optical grade, acrylic shield that protects your TV from flying objects such as toys, Wii controllers, balls, etc., as well as marks, scratches, and splashes.

TV Armor is proven to protect your TV

Countless hours, many design variations, and testing have gone into creating the most effective TV screen protector on the market today.
  • At a 1/4" thick, TV Armor is thick enough so it protects your TV, but not thick enough to affect your television's picture. Other companies sell thinner screen protectors that just won't give your TV the protection it needs. We are committed to providing you the maximum protection for your TV.
  • TV Armor maintains the sharp, clear, & vivid quality of your high definition TV by using the Highest Grade of Optical Plastic avaliable. It is as clear as glass.
  • TV Armor is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Velcro straps make for an easy installation. No messy glues or adhesives. Take it on or off anytime for cleaning.
  • Felt pad spacers provide a cushion between the TV screen protector and your TV's screen, protecting your television and allowing the screen protector to flex and absorb the impact from flying objects.
  • Stop worrying about your TV and start enjoying it. TV Armor will keep it safe.

How does TV Armor fit on the TV?

Rear view of a TV screen protectorOur TV screen protectors can protect your TV whether it is on a stand or mounted on the wall. A 90
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