Keep Flat Panel TVs Dust Free with Flat Screen TV Covers

Flat screen waterproof TV covers help protect your TV from dust, dirt, and sunlight whenever they are not being used. Protective TV dust covers are designed to be used with either indoor or outdoor flat panel televisions of various sizes. Indoors, the TV screen covers are ideal for your summer condo, winter cabin, or another vacation home. At the end of your visit, or when you are closing up the home for the season, placing TV covers on each of your LED, LCD, or plasma flat panel TVs helps keep the screen from getting dusty. Upon your return to the home later, you simply remove the outdoor TV covers and are ready to watch TV. It should be pointed out that flat screen TV covers do not stop spiders or other small bugs from getting underneath them. If your vacation home has issues with spiders, ants, and other pests, you will want to use an appropriate indoor insect repellant to avoid issues where you remove the flat screen TV dust cover, such as cobwebs underneath the TV cover and on your television. You could also secure the bottom of the television cover by taping it shut or attaching Velcro to the bottom of the outdoor TV cover to seal up the opening as much as possible. Just remember, if you use tape, it may leave a sticky residue on the flat screen TV dust cover when you take it off. Flat Screen TV Covers for Outdoor Televisions Outdoor televisions are specially designed flat panel TVs which are fully sealed to prevent water and moisture from getting into the electronic components and damaging the TV. Most models also have special cooling systems because outdoor temperatures, along with the heat generated by the TV, can quickly make it hot. Flat screen TV covers should be used to cover the TVs any time they are not being used. The outdoor TV dust covers help keep dust and dirt from getting on the TV screen, as well as provide added protection from rain and direct sunlight. It is never recommended to use indoor televisions outdoors, because they are not designed for outdoor usage. Indoor TVs are not sealed against water or moisture, and they can easily overheat because of insufficient cooling. Flat screen TV dust covers used on indoor televisions in outdoor environments do not fully protect them against water when it rains. If you do choose to use an indoor TV outside, you assume full responsibility for any damage to the TV. Flat Screen TV Covers Can Be Used with Screen Protectors You can further increase the protection to your flat panel TV screens by using screen protectors along with flat screen TV covers. TV screen protectors help protect the screen from accidental minor impacts, fingerprints, and splatters from spills. You do not have to remove the screen protector before you put a TV dust cover over the television. To learn more about patio TV covers and TV screen protectors, explore our website, or contact us today at 800-890-0073 for further assistance with measuring your outdoor TV and ordering the correct sizes.
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