Protect Flat Panel TVs and Displays with TV Enclosures

Are you thinking about installing flat panel televisions or displays in the waiting room of your medical facility? Do you want to play the latest music videos while young people shop in your retro clothing store, but do not want to worry about TVs being damaged? Are you tired of hearing from your housekeepers that another guest cracked the screen or, worse, stole one of the flat panel TVs in your hotel rooms? These are typical questions business owners face on a daily basis whenever they use flat panel televisions and displays as part of their business operations. Whether you are a medical facility, restaurant, bar, night club, hotel owner, university, or retail store owner, you need to protect your displays and TVs by using protective TV enclosures. Televisions enclosures help protect your TVs from damage and theft, as well as the elements when used in outdoor locations. The types of damage TV and display enclosures help guard against are fingerprints, smudges, smears, and screen chipping, and preventing broken plastic pieces, speakers, and input and output connections, as well as cracked screens. The flat screen protector prevents your customers and guests from being able to touch the television. All television functions are run by the remote control. The clear front panel on the flat screen TV enclosure allows infrared and Bluetooth signals to pass through and reach the TV. Various options with flat screen TV enclosures allow you to increase the security of your flat panel displays and televisions, such as requesting security screws in place of regular screws with the enclosure. Security screws require a special tool to install and remove. As a result, the screws act as a deterrent and reduce the likelihood of your displays and TVs getting stolen. Ceiling mounting is another option to consider in locations where wall mounting is not possible. Ceiling mounts allow your customers and guests to see the displays and televisions but makes them more difficult to reach without a ladder or other equipment. Using TV Enclosures in Outdoor Locations at Your Business Many businesses want to bring entertainment outdoors by installing flat panel TVs in key locations. Hotels often install TV in various outside locations, like outdoor bars near the pool and cabanas. Restaurants, bars, and night clubs normally open up outdoor patios and dining areas during the warmer spring and summer months, and install displays and TVs in these locations, too. Sometimes the locations are partially covered and other times they are completely open. Protecting your flat panel displays and televisions is possible by using a sealed outdoor TV enclosure. You may also want to consider adding anti-glare film and fans to outdoor TV enclosures used in outside areas at your business. It needs to be mentioned that indoor televisions and displays are not designed for use in outdoor locations. However, many businesses still use indoor TVs outside. Just keep in mind that the television or display manufacturer and the patio TV enclosure manufacturer are not responsible for any damage caused to TVs and displays built for indoor usage used in outdoor locations. For more information about TV display enclosures, flat screen cover customization options, outdoor TV protection, or assistance in ordering protective TV enclosures for your business, contact us now at 800-890-0073.
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