Protect Outdoor TV with Outdoor Television Covers and TV Enclosures

Many business operations install television in outdoor areas, like in covered patios, cabanas, covered outdoor kitchens, and by swimming pools. Protecting the television against rain and the elements is important, because it is an electronic product. Everyone should know that water and electricity do not mix well together. If moisture gets inside the TV from condensation, humidity, or rain, and the TV is turned on, the television can be damaged beyond repair. Two different types of products on the market, designed to help provide supplemental protection to televisions used outside, are outdoor television covers and TV enclosures. Is It Better to Use an Outdoor Television Cover or a TV Enclosure? To determine whether an outdoor television cover or a protective TV enclosure is better, you first need to understand the differences between indoor and outdoor televisions. Indoor televisions are not sealed, so water and moisture can get inside the TV if it is not protected. In addition, heat is a concern with indoor TVs when they are used in warm outdoor areas. To overcome these issues, it is better to use a rain-resistant protective TV enclosure with built-in cooling fans, and to install the TV in a well-covered area. Outdoor televisions are sealed against water and moisture. They can be installed in a variety of different locations, such as uncovered areas, or areas with minimal overhead protection. You may use either an outdoor television cover or a TV enclosure with an outdoor TV. Just keep in mind, outside TV covers are used whenever the TV is not in use, to help prevent the screen from becoming dusty, or from rain getting directly onto the outdoor flat screen TV, but does not provide protection for the screen while the TV is in operation. If you are concerned about objects accidentally hitting the screen or people touching the screen, then a protective TV enclosure would be better than a flat screen TV outside cover. Additionally, TV enclosures are well suited for businesses where TV theft is a concern, whether the televisions are installed in outdoor or indoor areas. Will an Outdoor Television Cover or a TV Enclosure Protect Against Freezing? During the colder winter months, it is highly recommended you store televisions used outdoors inside in a warm area or in a controlled temperature storage unit. Neither an outdoor television cover nor a TV enclosure will protect against freezing temperatures. Since most modern televisions have some type of liquid in their screens, the liquid can freeze and result in a cracked screen. MANFUACTURE DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: It is important to mention: the outdoor television cover and TV enclosure manufacturer does not take any responsibility for damage caused to televisions used in outdoor areas. It is the consumer’s sole responsibility to ensure they understand the risks with using indoor TVs in outdoor locations, as well as the proper use and installation of specially designed outdoor televisions. For additional information about our outdoor television covers and TV screen enclosures, or assistance in selecting the best outdoor TV protection for your business, contact us today at 800-890-0073.
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