Protect TV Screens with the Right Flat Screen TV Enclosures

There are several different options for protecting TV screens against accidental damage depending on where and how often the televisions are used in your business. Using flat screen TV enclosures in high traffic and public areas not only protects the screens, but also includes security features to keep your televisions secure, and lowers the risks associated with theft and vandalism. Enclosures surround the entire TV, with small openings for running cables, and vents for air flow. A protective TV enclosure can be installed on any TV already mounted to the walls in your business, without having to detach the televisions from the mounting brackets. Keep in mind, the opening on the back of the television enclosures will be larger in order to accommodate the mounting brackets. If you are concerned about the security of your televisions, it is recommended you remove the TVs from the mounting brackets, place them in the enclosures, and then attach the mounting brackets to the enclosures. TV enclosures include a wide range of options and features to choose from whenever standard enclosures do not meet your requirements. For example, in hospitals, schools, hotels, and other such businesses, television displays must be mounted in public areas following specific guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Custom designed flat screen enclosures are available which comply with ADA standards and allow you to secure your flat panel displays. There are also options for making water resistant TV enclosures, for use in covered outdoor locations, such as cabanas, bars, and patios. Protect Screens with TV Screen Protectors in Private and Secure Business Locations For private offices and other secure locations within your business, you are able to protect flat panel monitors and television displays with flat screen TV enclosures. Screen protectors are clear pieces that attach to the front of the TV or flat panel display, with a small gap in between the screen and the acrylic screen protector. In the event an object accidently hits the screen, the screen protector absorbs the force of the impact and distributes it evenly across the protective panel. The gap allows the TV screen protector to bend slightly from higher force impacts, while avoiding direct contact with the television or flat panel display screen. In addition to protecting the screen against damage from small objects, the TV screen protector provides protection against fingerprints, smudges, and splashes from liquid spills. While most people do not intentionally hit the flat panel TV screen protector, and the impacts from objects accidentally hitting the screen are normally minor, it does need to be mentioned that deliberately hitting the screen with large objects, such as baseball bats or golf clubs, will not protect the screen from damage. For further assistance in selecting the right television screen protection for your business, contact us today by calling 1-800-890-0073. Our TV protection solutions include custom built flat panel TV enclosures, screen protectors, and television covers.
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