Protect TVs Used Outdoors with an Outdoor TV Cover

There are two different types of outdoor TV cover products to choose from for added protection for televisions used outside. The protection you require is directly related to the area where the TV is installed outdoors, such as wall mount, ceiling mount, or directly on the patio or an outdoor countertop. One type of TV cover for outside TVs is a television enclosure designed to fit around the TV and protect it from accidental damage, such as minor impacts from golf balls, baseballs, and toys. The other type of protective TV cover is made from high-quality polyester fabric and is designed to fit over the television whenever it is not being used. The custom TV cover helps increase protection against moisture, light rain, and dust. Can I Use an Outdoor TV Cover with My Indoor Television Outside? Installing indoor televisions outside is a growing trend with homeowners, apartment complexes, and hotels. Since the price of indoor televisions has dropped in recent years, enjoying TV outside while swimming the pool or relaxing in a lounge chair is possible. Just keep in mind, indoor televisions are not sealed and not weatherproof. You have to protect them against moisture, water, and extreme temperatures. An outdoor TV enclosure is one way to provide protection if you intend to leave the TV outside for an extended period of time during the spring, summer, or fall. You should never leave an indoor television outdoors in cold and freezing conditions, as it can damage the TV. It is recommended to have your outdoor TV enclosure customized to include added cooling fans, to keep the TV from overheating during those hot summer days. High-quality polyester fabric covers for outside TVs are used to cover televisions left outdoors for an extended period of time. Fabric TV covers do not provide complete water and moisture protection for indoor TVs. The fabric TV cover is well suited for specially designed outdoor televisions and indoor TVs which are protected by a TV enclosure. Putting custom TV covers over TVs installed in outdoor locations supplies additional protection and an added barrier from direct sunlight, light rain, moisture, and dust. Cost Considerations for Selecting the Best Outdoor TV Cover Outdoor television enclosures are more expensive than outdoor television covers. If you want to enjoy TV outside, it is worth your time to compare the costs of using an indoor TV with an enclosure and TV outside cover, and compare these to investing in a fully sealed, specially designed outdoor television and custom TV cover. If you choose to use an indoor television outside, the TV enclosure and TV cover manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damages to the TV. It is your responsibility to use an indoor TV correctly and take the necessary steps to protect it against damage any time it is used in outdoor locations. For more information about television enclosures and custom outdoor TV protection covers, or to place your order, contact us at 800-890-0073.
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