Protect Your TV TV Investment with TV Enclosures

Even though the cost of televisions has declined in recent years, it can still be costly for most businesses to have to replace their HD televisions due to unexpected damage, like when objects accidentally get thrown at the TV by your customers. For instance, you own a bar, and your customers are watching a sporting event on TV and their favorite team is losing, they might get frustrated and throw popcorn, peanuts, or some other object at the TV. Without any protection, the TV screen could be scratched, or worse cracked. One way how to protect your investment is by adding TV enclosures custom-designed for your TV size. Enclosures are designed to protect against scratching and accidental cracks from minor impacts from small objects. What Are TV Enclosures? TV enclosures are custom-built screen protectors that surround the television. These are well suited for businesses where the TV is mounted directly onto a wall. The enclosure is normally attached after the TV has already been mounted and installed. Each television enclosure has built-in fans to keep your TV cool. You can also include options for sound and wiring in your design. Besides acting as a screen protector, TV enclosures serve as a security device to protect your high-definition televisions from being stolen. TV enclosures are well-suited for many different types of commercial environments. Protective TV enclosures can be used in sports complexes, college campuses, public schools, restaurants, nightclubs, doctors’ offices, and more. Basically, they are designed to be used in any commercial setting where TVs are used. It is important to point out that the standard enclosure for TV protection is not waterproof. You should not install standard TV enclosures on your televisions outdoors. Instead, you should upgrade to a specially designed sealed enclosure because this type of enclosure is designated for outdoor use. Other available options with protective TV enclosures include:
  • Ceiling Mounting
  • Filters for Harsh Environments
  • Security Screws
  • Antiglare Films
  • Anti-Ligature Sloped Tops
  • Custom Colors and Plastics
  • Enclosures with or without Fans
Some people might think investing in a TV enclosure is not needed, because their television comes with a warranty, or is covered under their insurance. However, if you read the fine print found in many warranties and your insurance policy, they do not cover cracked or broken screens. Many people find out later -- the hard way, when an accident occurs. They submit a warranty or insurance claim, and it is denied since their screen damage is not covered. Is There a Limit to the Size of the TV Enclosure? Because each TV enclosure is custom-built, there are no size restrictions. The enclosure is manufactured and built based on the exact size of the television or devices you want to enclose. For instance, we built a custom-designed enclosure for a customer who wanted secure housing for computers, video cameras, and a television. As long you supply accurate size and dimension measurements for your televisions, we can build a properly fitting enclosure to protect your TV. For more information about our custom TV enclosures, outdoor TV covers, or HDTV screen protectors, feel free to explore our website, or call us directly at 800-890-0073 for further assistance in selecting the right protection products for your televisions.
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