Protect Your Plasma, LED, and LCD TV with a Screen Protector

Today’s modern high definition televisions are much more sensitive to damage than traditional box-set TVs. Most older box-set TVs had glass screens, which were able to resist scratching and breaking from accidental impacts. Modern TVs, on the other hand, have screens made from acrylic or some other form of high quality plastic, and are not scratch resistant, nor can they withstand accidental impacts. In order to protect your investment in a high definition television and protect the screen, use a plasma, LED, or LCD screen protector. Why Do I Need a TV Screen Protector? One major reason to invest in a TV screen protector for your LCD, plasma, or LED TV is because screen damage is not covered under the majority of manufacturer and extended warranty plans. If the plasma screen is cracked or scratched, you have to live with the damage or put out additional money to replace the television. Most people do not have the resources to buy a new television when their existing TV is ruined. It is highly recommended, whether you just purchased a brand new 3D HD TV or have had your television for a while, to protect the screen against damage with the right size TV screen protector. Are There Differences between Plasma, LED, and LCD TV Screen Protector Products? There are differences between TV screen protector products on the market today. Some manufacturers offer a standard protector without any scratch resistance and charge more to include this feature, while others, like us, here at TV Armor, include scratch resistance as a standard feature on all of their LED, plasma, and LCD TV screen protector products, as well as other benefits and features, such as:
  • Easy Installation – Our flat screen TV protectors secure in place using Velcro, which makes them easy to remove should you need access to the TV screen.
  • Easy Cleaning – Our high-quality LED TV protectors are not difficult to clean, and smudges, fingerprints, and accidental spills can be removed using approved cleaning products, such as our Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner.
  • Protection against Most Types of Damage – Our plasma, LCD and LED TV protectors are designed to withstand accidental minor impacts from thrown objects like child’s toys, game controllers, or balls, as well as scratches and splashes.
  • Maintains High Definition and 3D Pictures – Our LED, LCD, and plasma screen protectors do not blur or distort HD and 3D images.
  • Optional Anti-Glare TV Screen Protectors– If background light reflection is a concern in your home, we offer an optional anti-glare upgrade for your LED protector.
  • Custom Sizes Available – 95 percent of our TV screen protector products fit most HD and 3D TVs on the market today. For the other 5 percent, we offer custom built LED TV protectors which can be made to order in any size you require.
It is worth mentioning: while plasma screen protectors do protect TV screens against most common household accidents, they do not protect against large objects intentionally thrown at the screen. Contact us directly at 800-890-0073 for more information about our Made in the USA™ plasma, LCD or LED TV protectors, how to measure your TV, or assistance with ordering.
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