Protect Your TV from Holiday Guests by Using a LCD Screen Protector

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about getting an LCD screen protector before all of your relatives arrive at your home. Think about last year, and the kids running around, toys being tossed about, and how many times the flat panel television screen was accidentally hit by wrapping paper, toys, and other objects. How many times did you turn around and feel a moment of panic as you saw an object heading toward the TV screen? With any luck, there was no serious damage to your TV screen. You might have also gotten tired of telling holiday guests with little and big fingers to stop touching the television screen. Any time the TV screen is touched, it can leave hard-to-get-out fingerprints, smudges, food, and smears. After hosting last year’s holiday events, cleaning up the flat panel screen probably was not enjoyable, as you had to be careful of which cleaning products you used, to avoid further damaging the display. Even if you managed to get out all of the fingerprints, smudges, and smears, you may still have had small scratches and chips missing out of the display from where objects accidentally hit the screen. This year, be prepared before your holiday guests arrive and order an LCD Television screen protector to create a baby-proof flat screen. If you have more than one flat-panel television in the home, protect all flat-panel TVs in the home with TV Armor screen protectors. TV screen protectors are designed to work with most modern flat-panel televisions on the market today, including LCD, LED, and plasma screens. What Size LCD Screen Protector Should I Order? There are numerous prefabricated LCD screen protector sizes available, ranging from our small 19-inch TV screen protector to our large 70-inch screen protector, and just about every size in between, as well as custom sizes for bigger-screened TVs. To determine the correct size TV screen protector to order, measure the screen size on your flat screen TV. Screen sizes are a diagonal measurement taken from the upper left to lower right, or lower left to upper right, across the face of the TV screen, which does not include any of the border around the outside of the screen. Some newer TVs no longer have any borders, so you can measure screen size for your TV screen cover using the entire front panel of the television. Additionally, measure the width and height of the LCD TV screen. The width is measured from the bottom left to the bottom right of the screen, and the height is measured from the bottom left to top left, or bottom right to top right. Again, do not include any plastic borders in these TV screen measurements for your screen protector. Now that you have your measurements for your baby-proof flat screen TV, you can use them to determine whether there is a prefabricated LCD screen protector available, or if you need to special order the screen protector for your television. For further ordering assistance, or other questions about child-proof TV screen protectors, contact us, here at TV Armor, at 800-890-0073 today.
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