Shipping TV Screen Protectors To You

One of the biggest headaches with making and selling TV Armor - TV Screen Protectors is shipping them out to you, the consumer. TV Screen Protectors are big and require a big box. Fedex, DHL, and UPS all charge exhorbanent rates to ship large boxes. We use Fedex as our shipping company of choice as they have an excellent track record (zero damaged so far) and the best prices on shipping large boxes, which we pass directly onto you. Everytime you place an order, our website talks to the Fedex computers and detemines what it will cost to ship from our location in NJ to your location, and that what we charge you for shipping. We don't do flat rate shipping, because customers who are close shouldn't have to pay the same shipping costs as those across the country. Companys who do this are basically making money on shipping. I've seen shipping charges as low as $11 (to North NJ) and high as $122 (to Hawaii) but most average in the $20-$40 range, maybe $50 for our largest TV Screen Protector size to CA. To reduce these shipping charges even further, TV Armor goes out of its way to have custom boxes made to ship our TV Screen Protectors in. This keeps the box size and weight down and reduces your shipping charges. Boxes is actually what prompted this post. We are getting a large shipment of custom boxes in this week (10 pallets worth):) Woooho!
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