TV Armor Solves Major Expense Problem In Hotel & Hospitality Industry

The Need To Upgrade To Expensive & Fragile Plasma And LCD
Televisions Results In Accidental Screen Damage

TV Armor's product line of TV screen protectors and TV enclosures is being used to protect TV's, digital signage, message boards, etc.- in any application where damage and/or access needs to be prevented. TV Armor has the solution to stop screen damage in Hotel rooms, in lobbies, in cafes, or really any area that is without supervision or prone to accidental damage.

Today's flat screen displays and TV's warranties do not cover accidental damage from any object striking the machine. The screens themselves are easily broken by things as small as a thrown quarter.

Our solutions are innovative, flexible in design and very cost effective. Ask us about your hotel TV protection needs, we are extremely good at solving problems.

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