TV Armor sponsors local H.S. ice hockey teams

As many of you know, sports are being cut from high school budgets across the country. While New Jersey is not a hotbed of Ice Hockey activity, there are a large number of kids that play in local private leagues. Getting high school teams going has been a goal of many folks for years but the budget just hasn't been there. So, some ambitious people formed the Regional Ice Hockey Association (RHIA), a non-profit organization designed to bring ice hockey into the local schools. Earlier this year, the RIHA approached the Regional Board of Education and said... "If we fund the hockey teams, will you let us form an official hockey team at each local high school?". The board said "Yes!". In order to fund the teams, the RIHA reached out to businesses in the area for local team sponsorship. TV Armor is proud to help sponsor this worthwhile cause.
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