TV Armor's Protection for Video Walls

Enclosures TV Armor's standard enclosure system allows us to manufacture enclosures for Video Wall protection. To date we have made enclosures as small as 1x3 for 32" TV's and as large as 2x2 for 55" displays. This is a picture of the 2x2 matrix of 4 55" TVs installed in the corners of a large gym. The enclosure was a one piece front panel with ABS side panels and 4 cooling fans to move sufficient air to prevent the displays from overheating. The AV installer mounted our frame on Uni-strut anchored in the corner. The open back design of our video wall enclosure allowed the display mounts, power and media to be attached from the back side. These protective TV enclosures were 99 ½ wide by 58" high and 9 inches deep. The front panel of the video screen protector is ¼" thick unbreakable polycarbonate plastic. We did all the big screen protector fabrication in our facility in NJ. We buy plastic sheet stock to process the side and front panels and process them on our CNC router. The frame system for the video screen protector is made from our 20 ft. long black anodized aluminum extrusions held together by our custom designed aluminum corners with cover caps. We cut and tap the extrusions on dedicated saws and tapping equipment. The video wall enclosure above were shipped to Edmonton, Alberta Canada via LTL freight on a custom pallet and packaging. Inland AV of Edmonton was the integrator who purchased and installed. How big of a video wall enclosure can we make? Our video wall protection solutions have limits usually based on the size of the plastic sheet we can get for the front panels. We can easily process 6′ x 10′ panels for your protective TV wall enclosure. Larger clear fronts require special materials. Larger polycarbonate is available in 3/16" thickness and we can integrate them into our system. The 3/16" material would obviously have more flex and requires special design tweaks to make the protective TV cover viable. What about glare? Glare off the clear plastic can be a concern. Non glare materials are not available in larger sizes. We stock non-glare in 4x8 acrylic. And we stock a 41" wide roll of non-glare film. A better solution for glare is to have the integrator plan for it and eliminate offending lighting that would create it. How would we ship really large enclosures? LTL fright would be the best method however the larger the video wall display there could be shipping issues. Once the height approaches 8 feet the ability to ship it LTL freight diminishes rapidly unless a flat bed truck/trailer or a dedicated truck is used. Screen Protectors for Larger Video Walls When enclosures are not practical for video wall protection, it is possible to manufacture very large custom TV protectors from optically clear acrylic. At TV Armor, we make large video wall matrix screen protectors. Our video screen protectors are typically made in multiple vertical sections. As an example a 3 x 3 matrix is made as 3 1 x 3 screen protectors. We install a double bend on the video screen protectors instead of our typical one bend. They are held in place by long straps with a cinch buckle behind the displays and set off the displays with ¼" thick bumpers either felt or silicone. The individual 1 x X video wall protectors are sized exactly to the width of the display to have the seam between the adjacent displays directly over the bezel joints on the matrix. How big can we make? We can process up to 72 x 120" for a 1 x X matrix. We need about 5" for machining and the bends of the 120" dimension. As an example a 3 x 3 matrix of 65" TV's could be fabricated easily. TV enclosures larger than that may be possible but we would need details to determine the size and ready availability of large sheets of plastic. Shipping Video wall screen protectors because of the double bend are a little more involved to ship but can be done safely on a large pallet. TV Armor has been in the TV protection business since 2008 and has a variety of products to protect TV's and displays, screen protectors, enclosures, and outside TV covers. If you have a need, we are here to listen to your requirement and provide a video wall protection solution. Contact us at or call 800-890-0073 or our local number 732-414-2066.
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