TV Armor Installation

Installing a TV Armor Screen Protector is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

After un-boxing hold the screen protector up to the TV to check the fit. If it is custom cut it should be the size we agreed to make. If it is a standard size it may overlap or be short but as long as there is space to install the bumpers on the inside of the protector and land on the TV’s bezel it is fine.

The TV screen protector ships with a protective film on both sides, the film could be semi-clear, white, brown paper, or even blue. This must be removed first.

Install the straps on the bend first, looping the hook around to connect to the loop part of the strap, place the protector over the front of the TV and allow the straps to fall behind and down. Collect the straps and loop them through the slots on the bottom front of the TV screen protector and loop around and pull the slack out to connect to the loop of the strap on the back of the TV.

We also include printed instructions for screen protector installation, located in the box your TV screen protector is shipped in.


How should I clean my TV Screen Protector?

Keeping your TV Screen Protector clean is important to maintain a quality TV picture. TV Screen Protectors should be cleaned with clean, lukewarm water or a good cleaner like Brillianize Acrylic Cleaner (available from our website) and a clean, microfiber cloth. Do not use window cleaning products or other chemicals as they will haze the flat TV screen protector over time.